Appendix 5: SPSC Charge by Dr. Patricia Donat

To : Strategic Planning Steering Committee

From: Dr. Patricia, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Date: November 1, 2013

Re: Committee Charge

Thank you for your dedication to the University and for your commitment to our strategic planning process. I deeply appreciate your investment of time and energy through your service on this committee . I believe that the strategic planning process provides us with the opportunity to shift our focus toward our future and to articulate how we might best reach our potential as a regional comprehensive institution with a broad array of academic programs and degree pathways serving a diverse population of students .

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee is to provide recommendations to UNG President Bonita C. Jacobs and to her Cabinet regarding :

  • the challenges and opportunities facing our institution based upon an assessment of the internal and external environmental context
  • a targeted vision for the institution that identifies recommended priorities for the next 3-5 years
  • a set of values that describe unifying characteristics for our institution
  • a strategic direction and set of priorities
  • objectives and goals in support of adopted priorities
  • a framework for later operational and unit planning
  • strategies to ensure UNG’s continuing role as a leading institution within the University System

To meet these objectives , the Committee should:

  • model effective strategies for communication and collaboration in a multi-campus environment
  • adopt and implement a comprehensive communication plan that obtains robust feedback and guidance from constituents and strategic partners to inform the process
  • ensure ongoing campus engagement during the development of the Plan through the use of a variety of mechanisms, to include dedicated sounding boards of key constituent groups
  • ensure ongoing engagement with strategic partners through regular use of sounding boards throughout the process
  • regularly receive, collect, and review data to inform your work
  • engage in a transparent and inclusive process for Plan development

I will be available to guide and support your work. To ensure that you have access to the
resources that you need I have identified personnel in my office and related functional areas who are available to assist you . I expect that the Committee’s work will result in completion of a final document that can be produced for dissemination by 30 April 2014.

Thank you again for your service . I look forward to our work together .