Appendix 3: SPSC Committee and Sub-committees

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) developed and recommended the plan that identifies institutional priorities, which will guide academic programs, campus planning, and community partnerships over the next several years.

Committee Member Unit Campus
JB Sharma, Chair Academic Affairs Gainesville
Andrew Leavitt, Co-chair University Advancement Dahlonega
Brent Allison Academic Affairs Oconee
Keith Antonia Student Affairs Dahlonega
Charlie Auvermann Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Sydney Bain Student Gainesville
Lance Bardsley Academic Affairs Oconee
Jessica Bartos Student Gainesville
Wally Beck Business & Finance Gainesville
Jeff Boggan University Advancement Gainesville
Ruben Boling Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Dan Cabaniss Academic Affairs Oconee
Sheila Caldwell University Affairs Gainesville
Betsy Cantrell Academic Affairs Gainesville
Terri Carroll University Affairs Gainesville
Phil Collins University Advancement Dahlonega
Diane Cook Academic Affairs Gainesville
John Cruthirds Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Joe Cubera Business & Finance Dahlonega
Andy David Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Donna Danns Academic Affairs Gainesville
Carolynn DeSandre Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Steven Devitt Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Nicola Dovey Student Affairs Gainesville
Brenda Findley Business & Finance Gainesville
Donna Gessell Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Chaudron Gille University Affairs Gainesville
Anna Gillespie Business & Finance Oconee
Janice Hartsoe Student Affairs Gainesville
Ric Kabat Academic Affairs Gainesville
Sue Ann Kalish Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Nina Lamson University Affairs Oconee
Angela Lewis Student Affairs Dahlonega
Hannah Locovozzi Student Oconee
Janet Marling Executive Affairs Dahlonega
Suzanne McCarter Academic Affairs Dahlonega
C.J. McDonald Student Cumming
Steve McLeod Business & Finance Dahlonega
Bob Michael Academic Affairs Dahlonega
John O’Sullivan Academic Affairs Gainesville
Richard Oates Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Alex Olvido Academic Affairs Oconee
Heather Page Student Affairs Cumming
Tom Palmer Student Affairs Dahlonega
Deborah Prosser Academic Affairs Gainesville
Jason Pruitt University Affairs Cumming
Cara Ray Student Affairs Gainesville
Rebecca Rose Academic Affairs Cumming
Khadene Scott Student Dahlonega
Pam Sezgin Academic Affairs Oconee
Shannon Shockley Academic Affairs Gainesville
Susan Smith Student Affairs Gainesville
Derek Suranie Athletics Dahlonega
Andrew Thomas Academic Affairs Gainesville
Mary Transue Executive Affairs Gainesville
Jeff Turk Academic Affairs Gainesville
Sarah Widincamp Academic Affairs Dahlonega
Erica Willis Student Dahlonega
Carly Womack-Wynne Executive Affairs Gainesville
Kathleen Woodward Academic Affairs Gainesville