UNG’s academic mission enhanced by leadership development

As we prepare to depart for the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to remind you that, at UNG, our academic experience is enhanced by a focus on character and leadership development. This is reflected in our institutional values of excellence, student focus, integrity, engagement, and service. The expectations of our university community are also outlined in our commitment to diversity:

The University of North Georgia prepares students to lead in a diverse and global society. Essential to this mission is an environment that is welcoming, respectful, and inclusive of individuals and groups from a range of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds – an environment that embraces varied perspectives, values, and unique experiences.

As our nation experiences a political transition, I encourage all of us to reinforce these values – collectively and individually. As faculty, staff and administrators, we contribute to a positive university and community climate when we show respect and value for the perspectives and experiences of our colleagues and students. Thank you for modeling this behavior in your interactions, and thank you for your commitment to our students and UNG.


Bonita C. Jacobs, Ph.D.


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