UNG to get $11 million more in FY18 budget allocation

As you know, the Board of Regents met this week. I am pleased to report that UNG’s budget allocation will be nearly $11 million more in FY18 than in FY17. Pending final approvals, this new funding will be used primarily to expand the number of faculty and staff. We have already begun to advertise for 34 new positions and will be reviewing additional requests in the next few weeks.

Additionally, the Board allocated $1.1 million in capital funds to equip and furnish UNG’s new Convocation Center. These funds are separate from the operating budget, and this is the third year of funding for that facility. Support in the previous two years was dedicated to planning and design funds and construction funds. The facility will be completed in early 2018. While this is a generous allocation, our budget will be conservative to ensure we meet the most pressing needs.

The Board approved modest a 2% tuition increase, also. This reflects the Board’s ongoing efforts to keep tuition affordable for students while also maintaining high quality educational opportunities. On a related note, UNG’s online tuition will decrease slightly as part of the USG’s new approach to online tuition charges. Our budget will need to accommodate this decrease.

We have worked diligently over the past several years to increase our funding allocation, and I am very grateful to the Board of Regents for their support of UNG and our success in educating students.

On another note, kudos to Kelly McFaden, UNG’s Faculty Senate chair. She has been appointed to the USG’s new Comprehensive Administrative Review committee, which will examine opportunities to improve administrative efficiencies at all USG institutions and the System office. At UNG, we are exceptional stewards of the resources provided to us, and Kelly will be a strong member of that committee.

It has been such a joy in the past few weeks to participate in campus picnics and celebrate student honors programs. This weekend, we will celebrate Alumni Weekend at UNG’s Dahlonega Campus. The weekend is always filled with stories from alumni who remember an impactful instructor or campus mentor. With that in mind, thank you, all, for the important work you do to help our students succeed!


Bonita C. Jacobs, Ph.D.

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