U.S. News ranking, fall enrollment

On Tuesday of this week, U.S. News & World Report ranked UNG 24th among public institutions in its annual ranking of Regional Universities in the South. We have been in the top tier of this ranking for several years, and I am happy that our academic excellence and high quality educational experience continue to earn UNG recognition as one of the region’s top public universities.

This reputation is reinforced by the increases in student demand that UNG continues to experience. Our fall enrollment figures show that enrollment increased a little more than 5 percent overall. While the enrollment figures won’t be final until the annual fall census report in mid-October, our enrollment by campus, following “drop-add,” is:

  2015 2016 % Change
Blue Ridge 21 112 433%
Cumming 812 964 18.72%
Dahlonega 7,029 7,335 4.35%
Gainesville 7,419 7,770 4.73%
Oconee 2,348 2,412 2.73%
Total 17,629 18,593 5.47%

The extraordinary growth at our newest campuses – Blue Ridge and Cumming – indicates the enthusiasm and desire for higher education in these communities. Our sustained, moderate growth at the other campuses gives us the opportunity to strategically manage growth and degree offerings at those locations. Congratulations to all involved for the success we are seeing across UNG!


Bonita C. Jacobs, Ph.D.

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