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Why Major in Finance?

Have you ever thought about majoring in finance? “A degree in finance requires a relatively greater effort than average, and it is a well-known fact,” said Dr. Maryna Murdock, associate …

Student Spotlight: Cody McQuillen

Student Spotlight: Madison Minor

Strong Graduates

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Faculty Spotlight: Ash Mady

Alumni-led accounting firm visits UNG

Alumni Spotlight: David R. Gorman

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Student Spotlight: Madison Minor

Starting her own business has proven to be a learning experience for University of North Georgia senior marketing major Madison (Maddie) Minor. Her company, Willows & Palms, sells t-shirts, paintings …

UNG prepares to StartItUp this fall

BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership

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Hard Decisions: Ethics Aren’t Easy?

Many great leaders develop an impeccable decision-making process. They have the ability to think about an issue from all perspectives and think both intelligently and creatively before implementing a decision. …