Internship Spotlight: Mallory Ellis

Mallory Ellis

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

At the Mike Cottrell College of Business, we encourage students to pursue internships related to their field of study. Mallory Ellis, who is a senior accounting and information systems major, with a minor in Spanish, is currently an intern at M3 Accounting + Analytics. Their company primarily focuses on making accounting software for hotels. Mallory is responsible for quality assurance. In this role, she runs tests in order to find bugs in software and documents the trouble areas.

So far, Mallory has had a terrific experience. She enjoys the friendly culture of M3 Accounting + Analytics. Everyone that she has worked with has been very helpful and willing to answer her questions. She has really enjoyed being a part of a team and working towards the goal of rewriting software for their main product.

Mallory discovered M3 Accounting + Analytics through Beta Alpha Psi, UNG’s honors society for accounting, finance, and information systems majors. She went to a career reception in the fall and had the opportunity to speak to people from M3. She interviewed in October and was given the internship for the spring semester.

Throughout her college career, there have been several courses that have helped her in her internship. A couple of these classes include: Systems Analysis and Design and Project Management. Mallory said that, “It’s neat to see how the concepts I’m learning about in these classes are playing out in a real life software project that I am a part of. Meanwhile, having a fundamental knowledge of accounting has also been valuable because I understand why we are trying to make the system do what it needs to do. For example, we have a control built in that does not allow a journal entry to be posted unless the debits and credits are equal, in compliance with U.S. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).”

Mallory’s advice to students who are seeking an internship is to, “Make connections everywhere you go, and go to every networking event — until it becomes awkward when people don’t remember your name.” She also encourages accounting, finance, and information systems majors to get involved with Beta Alpha Psi, because she found both of her internships and her post graduation full-time job through this organization. Mallory is also grateful for the resources that Career Services offers. She was given feedback for resumes, and had a chance to do mock interviews and attend career fairs. Mallory’s professors also provided a lot of support. She said, “We have some pretty amazing faculty at UNG — thank you! The work that you do is appreciated.”

Through the help of Beta Alpha Psi, career services, and the terrific professors at the Mike Cottrell College of Business, Mallory was able to excel in her internships and land a full time job. We asked Mallory what her plans were post graduation and she said, “Post graduation, Lord-willing, I’m getting married and moving to Atlanta, where I will start working at Mauldin and Jenkins. Mauldin and Jenkins is a CPA firm that has a variety of clients, including nonprofit and governmental organizations. I will either be doing tax work or audit work, and I also plan to begin studying for the CPA exam.”

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