Internship Spotlight: Collin McDonald

Collin McDonald poses in front of valve equipment

By Kate Toburen, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Collin McDonald poses in front of valve equipmentAs the Mike Cottrell College of Business strives to build strong graduates, it’s important for students to have real-world experience before going into the workforce. Getting an internship in your related field of study can help you figure out what you want in a career along with providing a chance to use what you learned in the classroom in a real job setting.

Collin McDonald, a senior marketing and management student, is currently at Swagelok Georgia as a marketing intern. Collin specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cleanup by updating client lists, maintaining client relationships, and even researching potential clients. In addition to his CRM cleanup duties, Collin also helps oversee warehouse management and inventory operations. His duties in the warehouse focus on making the company more efficient through organized logistics. Collin maintains the company’s reputable brand name by going above and beyond his job description, “There are times where I physically delivered shipments to nearby customers who needed items quickly. This kind of service helps differentiate Swagelok in terms of timeliness, along with our already superior quality products.”

Collin credits his internship opportunity to the preparation and resources available to him at UNG, and even recalls realizing his need for an internship from one of the UNG American Marketing Association (AMA) meetings. Furthermore, Collin stated that his personal selling and operations management courses are what really equipped him for his internship. Having the prior knowledge about supply chain management, the selling process, and various management systems added for a smooth transition into his role at Swagelok.

When asked what advice he could give to others that are seeking an internship, Collin confirmed that networking with family and friends along with signing up for email lists regarding internship opportunities were what really mattered in getting his internship with Swagelok. In addition Collin expressed, “It really helps to work for a company that interests you, has an environment that suits you, and is a place where there are supportive coworkers.”

By being a member of the American Marketing Association, career services, the excellent faculty, and his own hard work here at the Mike Cottrell College of Business, Collin was able to acquire an amazing internship opportunity with a notable company. We asked Collin what his plans were post-graduation and he stated, “After I graduate, I plan to secure a job preferably dealing with logistics or some type of analytics in the North Georgia area. My dream job would be to work for a company like Nike or Titleist.” After a day of work at his internship, Collin enjoys playing golf, watching basketball, relaxing with family and friends, and making puns. These activities inspire Collin to pursue a marketing or logistics career in the sports industry. Collin also plans to get his masters in business administration in the near future.