Internship Spotlight: Brandi Richards

You are hard at work, finishing up a project, and doing perfectly fine when suddenly you encounter a maintenance issue. This sometimes-weekly occurrence gets old very quickly. This is especially true if you do not have a reliable service provider to help you fix your unexpected problem in a timely manner. Rogers Electric is the most reliable service provider that can fix your problems on-demand so that you can get back to work in time to finish that project.

Brandi Richards, a Senior Business Management major, is the HR and Recruiting intern for Rogers Electric. Rogers Electric is the leading service provider for lighting, electric, HVAC/P and contractor service needs. As an intern, Brandi assists in hiring corporate employees and field technicians. She is also responsible for keeping Rogers Electric’s I-9s compliant while uploading new-hire documentation in their appropriate locations.

Brandi was given the assignment to design a new employee performance review guide. She utilized a nine-box grid method that allowed management to evaluate corporate employees. Brandi supplemented the performance review guide with a new hire satisfaction survey. The survey was designed to be sent within sixty days of being hired by Rogers Electric. Now that both of these projects are completed, Brandi is beginning to work on implementing a project designed toward women called “Lean in Circle.”

Brandi enjoys the interpersonal aspect of her internship the most. When she is recruiting new employees, she is connecting with new people and developing relationships with them. Brandi’s communication skills have been vital to her role at Rogers Electric. “You have to break out of your shell and truly want to get to know people to be successful,” says Brandi. Brandi’s recruiting goal is to find the potential candidates that are as passionate and excited about working for Rogers Electric as she is.

Rogers Electric attended UNG’s Career Fair in the Spring of 2018. Brandi was one of many students who attended this career fair eager to find a summer internship. When Brandi met the Rogers Electric team at the career fair, she felt an instant connection. “They were so genuine in promoting Rogers Electric. I could tell they truly loved their jobs.” Brandi’s management professor, Hugh Scott, encouraged her to apply for an internship. Brandi added, “With my instant connection with the Rogers Electric team and the influential words from my professor about the company, I would have been crazy not to go for it.”

When asked what advice she would give to other students looking for an internship, Brandi advised applying as much as possible. “I applied to thirty internships in the metro Atlanta area and only got two positive callbacks.” Brandi also advises utilizing all of your resources. “Go to the career fairs, apply in person, follow-up with a phone call, and network every chance you get.”

Brandi’s internship with Rogers Electric finishes up at the end of August. After graduation, she is moving to California to find a job in human resources. Brandi’s goal is to one day become a recruiter for a larger company such as Facebook or Google.