Connor Ford, Teenage Tech Entrepreneur

Connor Ford

Many of us dream of becoming the CEO of a successful company one day. Well, imagine holding the CEO position in a company before even making it to college. That is where CEO of Spirit App, Connor Ford, finds himself today.

Connor attended Mount Pisgah Christian School in Fulton County where he recognized a problem. His school was lacking the communication tools they needed to get the word out about school functions such as sporting events, plays, and more. Only a sophomore in high school, he saw a gap that needed to be filled between faculty and students; a gap that, once filled, would help increase school spirit, pride, and attendance at events.

Thus, Connor created Spirit App – an application that promotes students to check in to school events and connect with fellow students who are at the same events. The app gives students an incentive by tracking students’ attendance and awarding them in the form of a point system. The points can then be traded for prizes at the end of the school year. Connor believes that the app connects students to each other, as well as to their school communities.

Like any startup business, Ford was ecstatic to receive his first client, and that gave him just the confidence he needed to push forward. He utilizes social media and blogging for marketing purposes, seeing that most of his users are of the younger generation. Connor networks himself through the thriving technology community around the Alpharetta.

Spirit was born from a confident young leader who has always been fascinated by technology and who, admittedly, always finds himself “tinkering with things.” A dreamer and creator, Connor believes that no one is too young to be a leader and innovator and he is proof. Connor is now a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is continuing to see Spirit App succeed through secondary and post-secondary schools. With his leadership skills, technological curiosity and determination, this young man inspires us to look around and find our own everyday problems that can be solved by a simple solution.

If you’d like to meet Connor in person, make sure to attend the StartItUp Conference on October 4th sponsored by the Center for the Future of North Georgia and Mike Cottrell College of Business.

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