5 ways getting a business internship is like an episode of The 100




Are you physically drained, emotionally distraught, or feel like you’re being constantly hunted while in search for your business internship? Well then you may share similar attitudes of the characters in CW’s The 100. Here’s 5 reasons we came up with on how getting a business internship is like an episode of The 100:

  1. It’s completely unknown.

So you’re a juvenile convict that’s been living in space because the world has endured nuclear warfare (of course). Well, you get sent down to Earth to see if it’s inhabitable again (because juvenile convicts are apparently as disposable as paper towels in the future). New planet, new way of life, and new terrors. It’s the same with beginning a search for an internship. People just kind of expect you to know where to look, know what forms to fill out, or even have experience before an internship(?!). Hold on… let’s catch our breath and remember that many business schools have awesome resources to help us white belt business students get an internship. In the Mike Cottrell College of Business, we have a new dedicated Internship Coordinator, Elaine Fitzpatrick, who dedicates her time to helping students not just find an internship, but find an internship that fits the student’s interests and their current experience level.

  1. Competition is fierce.

So continuing your journey on a new planet, you just realized that not only do you have to share everything with 99 other people, but you find out you’re not the only people on the ground and they aren’t very excited for you to be there… True, it’s better to stick together to forage more resources like Clarke suggests, but what have we learned from every survival show ever? People are always most concerned with themselves. Though looking for an internship may not be the literal massacre that it is in The 100, it feels pretty dang close. This is the time to make your resume as professional as you can, and cater it specifically to the job you are applying for. Use similar “buzz words” in your resume that the organization listed in their job description.

  1. Alliances can make or break it.

Whoa wait, I just told you that competition is fierce… so why would you try to make alliances? Now you’re starting to think practically like Bellamy. I mean the grounders have been out to kill you from the beginning so why would you join forces with them against Mt. Weather? Well here’s the thing: alliances make you stronger. Just like how Clarke and Lexa were stronger together, so are you when you make connections with people in the business world; and in the business world connections are EVERYTHING. Connections get you in the door along with creating relationships for future jobs and opportunities. Also, working with your friends here at UNG, many of you aren’t vying for the same internship, so leveraging each other’s relationships can help you get the internship you want. 

  1. Learn cool skills.

Just like Octavia, you can find someone who mentors you and teaches you skills. Although, your mentor may not have cool scars like Indra, and the skills you learn won’t be how to maim others, mentors definitely give you leverage in your internship along with your future job. Also, these skills are great to add to your resume which again, sets you a part from the competition.

  1. Find your Trikru.

Trikru is a grounder term, that essentially means the “tree people,” but it comes to mean more for Octavia and Lincoln. To them, Trikru means where they call home, or where they belong. Much like your internship, if you invest in other people, find mentors, learn valuable skills, and make alliances you can create a place where you feel like you belong. It can decide whether or not your internship is a good experience. Yes, most people get an internship for school credit, but wouldn’t you rather get more out of your experience? Wouldn’t you rather find your Trikru?

So if you’re into the whole “Hunger Games” meets “Lord of the Flies” meets “Battlestar Galactica” (BEARS. BEATS. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.), then you may want to check out CW’s The 100.

**BONUS** Season Four was just released in May on Netflix! So now you have something to watch after coming home from your business internship. You’re welcome.