5 Reasons to Get Your MBA Degree Part Time

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

You have made the decision to get an MBA — now what? How do you pick between a full time vs. a part time program? During your decision process, here are 5 benefits of obtaining your MBA degree part time that you may want to consider:

1. Flexibility

The part time MBA program focuses on convenience for the busy working professional. The flexible nature of a part time MBA degree program allows working professionals to experience a great work-life balance. In turn, you have the chance to spend time with your family, advance your career, and continue working.

2. Affordability

Because a part time MBA allows you to continue working, you do not lose potential pay as you would with full-time MBA degree programs. Furthermore, because employers value the expertise that an employee with an MBA provides, many employers assist with tuition reimbursements. Statistics obtained by GMAC state that, “in 2016, 99 percent of part-time MBA programs estimate that their students will receive funding (in part or in whole) from their current employer, and that the share of students receiving funding is only going to increase in the future.” Along with employer assistance, many part time MBA programs are affordable to begin with including the Cottrell MBA here at UNG.

3. Apply Your Knowledge.

One of the great perks of working while you get your MBA degree part time is that you can incorporate what you have learned in class at your workplace. Meanwhile, your work experience will supplement your learning experience. Through these instantaneous connections, you will bring immediate value to your company.

3. Networking

In the workplace, it is easy to get stuck in your “network comfort zone.” However, it is never too late to expand your network. A new study from LinkedIn “reveals that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.” An MBA program is an ideal way to expand your network with other working professionals. The relationships that you build will supplement your professional life.

Stand Out In Your Crowded Workplace.

Since you graduated college, it is likely that a lot has changed. As an MBA student, you will be introduced to current technologies and trends that are taking the world by storm. By staying current, you will gain a fresh perspective that will give you a competitive edge in your company.

With a job, family, and other commitments, a full time MBA can be unmanageable. On the other hand, a part time MBA allows you to advance your career while enjoying flexibility and affordability. The knowledge that you will gain and the networks that you will develop will open doors to new opportunities, and when promotion time rolls around, your boss will remember the immense amount of value that you have brought to the company.



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