4 Ways Business School is like a Male Romper

Male wearing a romper

Photo courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

By Kate Toburen, marketing intern, and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Getting that undergrad degree in business can be like that of a male romper (or the RompHim, trust me on this one). How, you ask? We’ve come up with four reasons why:

1.           It’s something seemingly ridiculous.

It’s true, male rompers don’t really make any sense. An item originally preferred by infants or women at Coachella has now entered the male fashion market, and has even created political news buzz. In the same way, business school, or maybe even college itself, may seem irrelevant to some. If Bill Gates could go from being a college dropout to the wealthiest man in the world worth an estimated $76 billion then why should someone waste four (or five) years of their life going to school? Truth is, there are just some things that you can’t be prepared for by just jumping out into the real world. Understanding the basics of accounting, finance, management, and marketing all help create a firm foundation for your career. Also, business school can prepare you in a safe environment where your decisions may not ultimately cost you your livelihood. Experiential learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom allow you the room necessary to make mistakes before heading out into your career.


2.          It’s everything in one.

No more worrying about finding shorts that match your shirt or worrying about your shorts falling down without a belt or while in the pool. The male romper is multi-purposed to make the average Joe’s life easier. It’s just like business school, where you can take all the classes you need to get that degree along with getting cool benefits such as being a part of clubs, internship opportunities, and making connections with people who have experience.


3.          It sets you apart.

Just like personalities, not all male rompers look the same. Some are solid, some are polka dotted, and some that are covered with cats riding on burritos (don’t believe me? Google it).  But realistically, not everyone is cut out to be an accountant or a supply chain operations manager. There are so many majors to choose from and business school allows you the opportunity to take different classes to figure out what best suits your enjoyment. So take a class you may not have thought you would like, it may just surprise you. Just like how all these guys may have never realized how great their thighs looked in a short jumpsuit.


4.         It’s trendy and it’s timeless.

Despite all the gifs and memes floating around about male rompers, this is not the first we have seen of these fashion statements. Who could forget Tom Cruise’s iconic aviator sunglasses and military jumpsuit in Top Gun (#LongLiveGoose) or James Bond’s light blue playsuit in Goldfinger?  You may not consider yourself a male romper kind of person, but there aren’t too many people saying they regretted their degree in business because it’s versatile.  According to GlassDoor.com, 8 of the top 25 highest paying college majors are business-related.

Also, you take classes that involve all aspects of business, which allow you to get jobs in occupations other than your major field. So not only does a business degree give you flexibility, it places you above the competition as a well-rounded graduate.


So if you haven’t heard of male rompers before, now you know. They still may not sound like your kind of fashion, but don’t worry because a business degree has never looked bad on anyone.