GTA Repertory Company

Performing for schools and community groups October 2018 through March 2019!

The touring repertory company has a rich tradition throughout the history of theatre.  In addition to serving as a fertile training ground for actors, the repertory company has long been a source for outreach to individuals and groups who may otherwise have little opportunity to enjoy professional theatre.  For this purpose, the Gainesville Theatre Alliance Repertory Company was born.

The GTA “Rep Company,” a troupe of five of GTA’s most talented actors, offers FREE performances to schools, community groups, libraries and hospitals throughout northeast Georgia every other year, and 2018-2019 is a performance year!

This season, the GTA Repertory Company offers two productions for different ages (plus a selection of residencies for older students), complete with online study guides to help audience members gain understanding about the stories and the performance process. In addition to performances, the Rep Company is also offering three, 40-minute, immersive Shakespeare residencies to activate the Bard’s themes and language and get students up on their feet forming personal connections to Shakespeare’s characters and stories.

The company tours Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons within a 60-minute drive of Gainesville, October through March. Each show runs 45-50 minutes, has five actors and a simple backdrop that can be set up in a classroom, theatre or library.


Dragon Flights

by Gay H. Hammond

Flying, defending, toasting marshmallows… who doesn’t wish they had a dragon?! Dragon Flights is a magical anthology about the fierce but loyal beasts whose scales, wings and “warm breath” have launched armies and fueled many a story. Where did they come from and are they mean or just misunderstood? Adventurers young and old will be charmed by the mythical and beloved creatures of Dragon Flights.  Directed by Brenau University’s Chair of Theatre, Dr. Ann Demling.

For groups of up to 50 students, K-7th grade.

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Shakespeare in Action

by Amelia Fischer

Shakespeare in Action performances are fast-paced, 45-minute collections of dynamic scenes from Shakespeare’s most studied plays. We would like to bring Shakespeare to life in your classroom!

In addition to the performance, our Rep Company is also offering three, 40-minute, immersive residencies to activate Shakespeare’s themes and characters.

For grades 7 through adult; performances are for groups up to 100 people, residencies for individual classrooms of up to 30.

What is a Shakespeare in Action Residency?

This is a new opportunity to bring immersive workshops straight to your classroom. You can book our Rep Company teaching artists to visit your class once or up to three times to activate Shakespeare’s themes and language. Each 40-minute workshop will get students up on their feet forming personal connections to Shakespeare’s characters and stories.

Our teaching artists engage your students in the relevance of Shakespeare’s works and end each workshop with a performance tailored to fit your classroom. Teachers can choose from  three different residencies:

Words and Witches: Shakespeare’s Verse
Kindle a lifelong love for the beauty and boldness of Shakespeare’s language through this interactive approach to understanding Iambic Pentameter. Featuring scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

Swords and Soliloquies: Performing Shakespeare
Garner the basic skills necessary to embody Shakespeare’s courageous characters. This acting masterclass focuses on applying action/objective work to Shakespeare’s text and features scenes from Julius Caesar and Macbeth.

Bodices and Breeches: Gender in Shakespeare
Dive into the cultural context of Shakespeare’s world and how it helped shape his surprisingly modern approach to gender. Students will discover and voice some of Shakespeare’s most dynamic and inspiring characters, exploring how they buck the norms to become their best selves. Featuring scenes from Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and As You Like It.

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Residency FAQs

Can I book all three workshops?
Yes, you can! Each workshop is a unique, stand-alone experience and features different performances.

Do my students need to have previous experience with Shakespeare?
No! A Shakespeare in Action residency is a great way to enrich your curriculum at any point. In fact, we love it when a student’s first experience of Shakespeare’s language is with us as it allows us to hook them on the vitality and relatability of Shakespeare’s work when performed live!

Who will be in my classroom?
Five trained teaching artists currently studying acting at the Gainesville Theatre Alliance. These Rep Company members auditioned and interviewed for this opportunity in May of 2018, spent 3 months in guided research of Shakespeare’s works, and 8 rigorous weeks building/rehearsing these residencies and performances for you!

Questions?  Contact Company Manager Savannah Cathers at