GTA Repertory Company

Performing for schools and community groups October 2016 through March 2017!

The touring repertory company has a rich tradition throughout the history of theatre.  In addition to serving as a fertile training ground for actors, the repertory company has long been a source for outreach to individuals and groups who may otherwise have little opportunity to enjoy professional theatre.  For this purpose, the Gainesville Theatre Alliance Repertory Company was born.

The GTA “Rep Company” offers FREE performances to schools, community groups, libraries and hospitals  throughout northeast Georgia every other year, and 2016-2017 is a performance year!  This season, the GTA Repertory Company offers two productions for different ages, complete with online study guides to help audience members gain understanding about the performances and the performance process.

The company tours Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, October through March. Each show runs about 45 minutes, has five actors and a simple backdrop that can be set up in a classroom, theatre or library for groups of 50 people or less.


Earth, Sea and Sky earth-block2

by Gay H. Hammond

Imagine a world long before cars, books, or homework, a world older than trees, dinosaurs, or even the ocean! Have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is? Why the oceans are so big, or the sun and moon so high above? Long ago the five elements- Earth, Sea, Sky, Sun, and Moon- tell how the sun and moon live so high in the sky, and then how a wise old turtle obtains more land for all of the animals to play on. If you’ve ever asked “Why?” then Earth, Sea, and Sky tells you the story of “How.”   Directed by Brenau University’s Chair of Theatre, Dr. Ann Demling.

For grades K-7, but great for all!



by Ellen McLaughlin

When a stranger named Oedipus saves Thebes from the terrifying Sphinx, he is the perfect Greek hero: strong, wise, and humble. The grateful city crowns Oedipus king, but one day a plague strikes his new home. He can save the city again if he can solve just one crime: who killed the last king of Thebes? In a stunning new script by Ellen McLaughlin, the chilling Greek tragedy of Oedipus is revived for new audiences as the King of Thebes races against time to save his people, discovering the dangers of pride, prophecy and a past that comes back to haunt him.  Directed by GTA Resident Director/UNG Professor Elisa Carlson.

For grades 7 through adult.

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