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A Letter From Our Executive Director


A film festival happening in 2020 is something of a miracle.

Our organizational team had to completely relearn how to host this event – in the midst of countless disruptions to every other aspect of our lives. If not for a herculean effort by James Mackenzie and Samantha Skilling, you likely wouldn’t be reading this message because there would be no festival. Much more miraculous, though, is the work of all the filmmakers whose work you will see this weekend. I have always been in awe of the passion, belief, and will it takes to bring any indie film to life. That anyone is able to do it under these circumstances is a feat for which no adjective can do justice.

This year more than ever, our filmmakers have earned your support, so on behalf of all our 2020 filmmakers and the entire GFF crew, we thank you for supporting independent and student film. Let’s make a date to meet back in a theatre next year, and until then, take care of each other.


Jeff Marker
Executive Director, Georgia Film Festival


Stay tuned for information on our 2020 Audience Award Winners.


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