North Georgia Students for Appalachia

By Kelley Spurlock

It’s backwards really, but it should have been this way all along. Students are gathering and seeking to learn from Appalachian culture instead of seeking to change it. It’s a counter-revolution.1

A group of energetic and passionate students from the University of North Georgia are striving towards a goal. It is a goal that entails reviving and continuing the culture of the mountains. These students, many of whom are involved in the Appalachian Studies minor, have realized the importance of Appalachian culture and are actively pursuing it.

Are you an Appalachian at heart? Does preserving this culture and learning from it rank highly in your priorities? Are you nodding your head along with every question I’m asking you? Then you belong in this group!

2Don’t even have an idea of what or where Appalachia is? Do Appalachian stereotypes still cloud your view of the region, but nevertheless you are intrigued to learn the reality? Are you saying yes to all of these questions? Then you belong in this group too!

NGSA is a group open to all UNG students, whether you know who Helen Lewis is or you’ve never heard old time music, all are welcome!

The first meeting will take place on March 14 at 6:00 p.m. in the Vickery House. Be there!


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2 Responses to North Georgia Students for Appalachia

  1. Peggy Rickard says:

    I am very interested in keeping up with this. I wasn’t born in Appalachia but my Dad was. I still have kinfolk in Ky. I would like to see and keep up with all you are doing-it is so awesome.

  2. Collen says:

    This is such an awesome effort! Thank you for your time and effort!

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